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The alternator is a mini generator that produces electricity for your car while you drive. This electricity provides for all the needs of your car’s electrical systems, and it recharges the battery. Over time, your alternator will wear out and need to be replaced. When you need an alternator repair in Anderson, IN, your friendly GMC dealer can help. These are signs you’ll need to see us.



The electricity produced by your alternator has to be transported to the components that require it, and this requires electrical wiring. A network of wires runs through your car to the various systems. Each of these wires is protected from the heat of the engine by plastic and rubber coverings. These wires can break, and if one of them does, it will cut off power to one or more of your car’s components.

Your car’s computer will register that a particular component isn’t receiving power, and the alternator will be instructed to provide more power. A broken wire doesn’t conduct electricity, but the alternator will continue to try and supply power through it. The wire will gradually heat up, and the protective cover will burn. If you smell burning plastic and hot metal, there’s a problem with your wiring.


As your alternator gets weaker it won’t be able to supply all the electrical power demanded by your car’s systems. Your car’s computer will allocate the available electricity according to a predetermined set of priorities. Certain systems, for example, the spark plugs, always have to have electricity. The remaining power will be supplied to individual systems as they demand it.

When you notice, for example, that your sunroof won’t close or your radio won’t turn on, these glitches could be signs of a dying alternator. The weaker the alternator becomes, the more frequently these problems will occur. Our technicians can easily test your alternator, and if it is the problem, we can quickly and easily replace it.


All of the electrical systems in your car, like the systems in your house, are controlled by fuses. Just like the fuses in your house, car fuses can fail quickly and unexpectedly. If the fuse connected to your alternator fails, your alternator will suddenly shut down. If your alternator isn’t working, your car’s accessories will try to draw power from the battery instead.

Your car battery isn’t designed to supply power to all of your car’s systems for extended periods. These demands on a fully-charged battery can easily drain the battery’s power in 15 minutes or less. We’ll investigate the problem, and if it’s a blown fuse, we can replace it quickly and easily for you.

Your alternator, on average, will last for eight years before it needs to be replaced. When your start to notice problems with your electrical system, or if something doesn’t feel right, call our service department at Performance Buick GMC. Our experts will find and fix any problem for you.

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